Strategy — Figuring out the right story

Can you summarize what your company or organisation is about in three sentences, in a manner that evokes emotion? That’s a key prerequisite when dealing with the press. Journalists don’t want complicated stories filled with corporate lingo. I prepare a tailor-made communications strategy based on extensive research and analysis of your corporate strategy and policy goals. With key messages, talking points en Q&A’s fit for public consumption. And including a detailed action plan and media tool kit. So you can hit the ground running.

Execution — Personal and hands-on support

Many clients don’t just want a public relations strategy, but also support during the execution. I offer personal and hands-on support during the execution of a PR strategy. My activities typically include the following: identifying the right media, contacting journalists, preparing press contact lists, drafting press releases, writing position papers, guiding interviews, monitoring public opinion, and advising the client about the possible public consequences of internal decisions. These projects generally take between six months and several years.

Crisis — A complete solution to fighting your crisis

During a crisis, the extent of your reputation damage is caused by just one thing: how long your crisis is in the news. That’s why my approach is always focused on you becoming old news as soon as possible, so you can go on solving the underlying problems and start rebuilding your reputation without having  journalists on your front lawn. I consult on prevention, crisis communications and press relations. If necessary, I can put together a fully functional crisis war room for you on short notice.

Coaching — For CEO’s and communications professionals

I’m often retained by CEO’s and communications directors, who like to have an experienced and critical sparring partner on hand during the execution of an existing public relations campaign. In that case I primarily function as a coach. I am available for personal and executive coaching. In both instances, I rely on more than thirty years of national and international experience, during which I personally experienced the positive and negative aspects of politics, journalism and publicity.

24/7 — Always personally available for emergencies

If you’re facing an acute crisis, you can contact me day or night via telephone number +31-35-647-2265. I will immediately mail you a crisis information checklist, which you can use to start preparing the most pressing questions while I travel to your location. In The Netherlands, I can be on site within sixty minutes or less in most instances. Our priority will be to manage the first twenty-four hours of the crisis. They set the stage for how the crisis will develop and will largely determine the extent of your reputation damage.

Lectures — Interactive lectures and workshops

I offer interactive lectures and workshops about press strategy, political campaigns and corporate communications. These lectures and workshops are tailor-made and always receive high marks. During the past ten years, I have given lectures and workshops in Aruba, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Curacao, Germany, Egypt, Finland, Japan, Spain, Suriname and the United States. My lectures last between forty-five minutes and two hours; my workshops half or full days.